Exterior Framing Wall Parts

Exterior framing wall parts are extremely important to carpenters that are progressing in these beautiful days. Every carpenter should know the names of the wall parts and what they do. Due to a certain location that you are in the wall parts may be called different names but they all do the same thing. Here is a list of different framing wall parts and some of their functions.


Plates are at the top and bottom members of a wall, the bottom plate sometimes called a shoe. The plates help hold the top and bottom of the studs in place the studs rest on the bottom sill plate at all times.


Studs are vertical members of the wall frame. Hey run full length between plates. They extend from the bottom of the plate to the top of the opening. Studs are usually 2 by 4’s 2 by 6’s in wood. If the exterior wall is framed with metal it will be more than likely heavy gauged of metal. There are times when carpenters are cutting studs all day long while other carpenters are placing the studs where they belong all day long it can be hard work at times.

3.Rough Sills

Rough sills are located at the bottom of a window opening. If there is a lot of window openings on a wall carpenters will set up a benchmark and take measurements from the benchmark in order to place the window sills in the right place


Trimmers are shortened studs that support the headers. They are fastened to the studs on each side of the opening. In window openings they may fit snugly between the header and the rough sill. Trimmers are usually the shortest studs that are on a framed wall. Here is a tip if you have many trimmers to cut make sure that you check the height of the trimmers every 5-8 feet sometimes the height can change on them.


Headers run at right angels of studs, they form the top of a door window and other wall openings such as fireplaces. As the opening increases so must the strength of the header. There are a few ways to make headers some are made by wood others are made by metal. I prefer framing and making headers with wood because I love wood. But on the other hand metal studs are a lot more convenient to use.

6.Corner Posts

Corner Posts are the same length as studs. They are constructed in a manor that provides an outside and an inside corner on which to fasten the exterior and the interior wall coverings. Corner posts can be built in a number amount of ways. If you are not use to doing them they can be tricky

7.Partition Intersections

Wherever interior partitions meet an exterior wall, extra stud need to be put in the exterior walls this provides wood for fastening the interior wall coverings in the corner. And that is all that I have to say about that on framing wall parts.


Ribbons are horizontal members of the exterior wall frame n balloon construction they are used to support the second floor joists. The inside of the wall studs is notched so that the ribbon lays flush with the edge.

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