Framing Walls With Wood And Metal

Framing walls in this day and age has become exciting carpenters and consumers have two choices on what they can frame the walls with metal or wooden studs. It seems like it was just a few years ago when carpenters did not have a choice they only had wood on the job. Times are changing fast and in order for us to keep up with demand and supply we have to change with them. Here are some brief details on my thoughts of the benefits working with wood verses metal on any carpentry job.

Carpentry Poetry

This is my first page that I did this. I decided to express in a few poems how I felt about wood and metal on the job I hope you like it.

Wood Is Good

Cutting wood is good especially in the neighborhood. Wood gives off some really great smells. And when cedar is in the room you can really tell. Working with there wood is no problem at all. I have worked with it before in the summer winter and fall. In the summer I have framed out walls with wooden studs while my partner put his lips to an ice-cold bud. I have picked up plywood in the heart of the winter, and pulled out toothpicks that were really just splinters. I have worked with wood in the fall which I love the best. But the only problem with fall is I don’t know how to dress. Either way I would have to say I don’t mind working with wood each and everyday

Working With Metal Studs

Working with metal is not a problem don’t you see I have been working with metal in my old fashion dungarees. I have cut large studs with my yellow handle snips while dreaming of going in a pool for a dip. I cut the metal stud on the right and the left of it then bending it taking the fight out of it eventually I would get the size that I wanted I handed the metal stud to my partner who just grunted. My partner said, "After this stud is in I am throwing out the anchor." I am going to bathroom and I will see you later. He came back at the end of the day and said I am going home I chuckled and laughed and said ok lets do it again this was fun.

Words Of Encouragement

Framing walls on a carpentry job with wood or metal for me it’s the same thing work. And work is something that I have never been afraid of. I hope that you have enjoyed this carpentry poetry. Thank You For Reading and remember that the only real limitations that you have are those that you put in your own mind.

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