Hoggard High School Carpentry 

Hoggard High School carpentry classes are using their woodworking and carpentry skills to create canes for military men and women.  Their mission is to complete the wounded warriors project.  This project is a project that their carpentry teacher David Jackson has to students present more than 50 wooden canes to the local chapter of the wounded warriors project on April 23 according to reliable sources.  The walking wooden canes were given two active veteran servicemen and women to aid in their physical rehabilitation

According to reliable sources The carpentry teacher Mr. Jackson said”  My students and I are most grateful for this opportunity to show our gratitude to the brave servicemen and women who valiantly serve our country,” Jackson said.

According to Jackson the wounded warriors walking cane project has taught the students a lot.  It has enhanced their carpentry skills as well as helped them appreciate the sacrifices that have been made to ensure our freedom.

Carpentry students of all levels one and two have taken part and a wounded warrior project creating a walking canes and just three weeks time.  Many of the students have used that time after school and much time to complete the project.

The walking canes were created out of purple heart hardwood.  Purple heart stands on its own wood species.  Purple wood is an extremely dense and water resistant wood it is ranked one of the world’s heart Is and most if woods and the world some people claim it to be sold durable that people used in past truck decking.  The wood is first brown but once it cut it turns purple but, hence purple heart wood. 

I believe that this is a wonderful project that the students in the Hoggard High School’s carpentry classes should be rewarded for such a great project.  If more carpentry classes around the nation decided to do projects like this I believe that we will be seeing a brighter future and a better tomorrow.  I love hearing stories like this that are filled with good news, they are very encouraging I’m finding that carpentry is not just work but it is also an art and a philosophy thank you for reading this page on Hoggard High School Carpentry .For more basic carpentry tips continue to visit this website.Thank you