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Quality home addition tips,The idea has fascinated kings and commoners; adding new space to an existing home can increase enjoyment inside and beauty outside. Thomas Jefferson who shaped and reshaped a cottage at Monticello for 40 years, to conceive and construct a handsome, useful expansion of his house. Before building begins there are choices to weigh and challenges to asses.

Whatever you need-a breakfast nook, new bedrooms and baths, a family room, or extra space in a living room- there are three possible ways to achieve it: building it out, by adding a small extension alongside an exterior wall: building up, by placing a second story atop an attached garage or installing a dormer in an attic or building in any direction to create a major addition, a collection of rooms that forms an independent wing of the house

All additions have one characteristic in common- at the junction of the new and old, strange metamorphoses occur. Outside walls turn into inside ones, roofs turn into supports and ceilings turn into weight bearing floors. Crucial to the chemistry of such changes is splicing the new to the old. It is the techniques required for these connections rather than the basics of trades work or the job of finishing an additions exterior and interior. Cantilevered joist for example, tie the floor of a walk in bay window to the house floor. Extra studs are integrated into existing walls to mate with the ends of new ones a weather tight joint between a new floor and the old depends on precise measureing and making cutting and joining.

An addition raises an important esthetic challenge: creating architectural harmony between the old and the new Although there are a few time honored guidelines for matching an addition to a house you are likely to find an architects advice helpful in solving esthetic problems. But whether you use a professional experience or your own good taste, the result should be an addition that looks as if it ought to have been there all along. Thanks for reading this page on quality home addition tips.

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