How To Build A Wheel Chair Ramp

Wheel Chair Ramp

How to build a wheel chair ramp, a material list, a blueprint and carpentry tips that provides enough information to get the job done.

Material Needed

This is a basic material list that I used to build this ramp some materials can be changed according to your design

3/4 in plywood

2x6 wood

2x4 wood

Joist Hangers

Screws (optional)

Nails 6d




L Brackets

Carpentry Tools Needed

Basically everything that you have I always bring extra tools for just in case purposes here are a small of basic carpentry tools that I used to complete this project.


Tape Measure

Tool Belt (optional)



Socket Wrench For Bolts


Hand Saw

Carpentry Power Tools Needed

Chop Saw

Table Saw (optional)

Skill Saw


Step 1 Calculate how long the ramp is going to be. The proper way to calculate the length of the ramp is by measuring the height of the ramp. Measure the highest point of the ramp and for every inch tall add a foot in length and the ramp will be built to code. This is a custom ramp so it is built differently other wise it would be longer.

Step 2 Layout where the post is going to go. Having a post every 48 inches will provide solid support for the weight of the ramp. An adjacent post for each side should accompany each post. Keep in mind the wheel chair ramp should be at least 3 feet wide For this particular wheel chair ramp I did not plant the post in the ground I Used Premade post holders that I bought from home depot and they worked pretty well. So once the premade posts were in place I began to put the 2x6 along the post. Once the 2x6 is cut to fit the existing structure the handicap ramp will be attached to the existing structure. The 2x6 or side board can be nailed and bolted to the post

Step 3 The wheel chair ramp can be layed out or framed by putting a joist every 36 inches on center. Once the joists layout is done joist hangers are ready to be put in place. Then you can cut the joist to the desired length that is needed.

Step 4 Once the joists are put in place the plywood is ready to be cut and put to place I noticed that most ramps have mini planks that is fine to.

Step 5 Railing should be ready to be installed. I used 2x4’s the top of the rail is 36 inches that measurement is taken from the top of the floor. This is a pretty broad picture on how to build a wheel chair ramp but I hope that this helped you Thanks for Reading

Deeper Than Carpentry

Recently I built a wheel chair ramp for my brother Willie Green the third. He is in a wheel chair after receiving a kidney and liver transplant. We are all hoping and praying for a full recovery. I am happy that I was able to help him by donating my time and talents to him. I have learned a few things after completing this project.

I have learned that the best comes out of me when people are need of a hand in carpentry or a project. I found a since of peace or oneness while I was doing this particular project. I have also learned that it is ok to make mistakes we are only human, we all make mistakes but the best thing about a mistake is that we can learn form them. And I am continuing to use mistakes to help perfect my methods.

I have also challenged myself to do more carpentry work through out the year. The economy is not doing and my carpentry business has slowed down to a halt. Being that I have a mortgage a wife and three little boys to support and there are no jobs knocking at the door it is time to Make It Happen.

At times of adversity sometimes is the best time to shine because of the strong motive and determination to overcome the adversity so if anyone feels like giving up in carpentry this information is for you after all we are all human.

This was my first time building a wheel chair ramp. This particular job was very successful I completed in about 3 days. I got some great ideas from my wife and the Internet and cant wait to share them with you.

Through out this year of 2011 I will be doing carpentry projects and adding them on this website, this is for the benefit of the readers like yourself This is just the beginning I know that there is room for improvement, there is always room for improvement I am far from perfect I’ll be the first to admit it but I can get the job done and Make It Happen for my clients and customers.

One amazing coincidence I call it an act of God was when I was leaving Home Depot for the last time about to put the last finishing touches on the wheel chair ramp for my brother. And a man that looked like Santa clause asked me could I jump-start his truck. I told him ok so we got to know each other he told me that he specializes in building wheel chair ramps. And he can show me how to build a wheel chair ramp. That totally blew my mind; I take it as a great sign from God letting me know that he is in the midst of my life.

Thanks For Reading Details On How To Build A Wheel Chair

Basic Carpentry

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