How To Build Log SawHorses

home made loghorse

Details on how to build log sawhorses,Log sawhorses are easy to build, I built this horse within ten minutes and the horse is going to last for years to come. I have just started cutting logs for my fireplace this year. I am probably the only one thinking about the cold winter in the hot June summer. But this is the best time to find free firewood and cut it up and store it for the winter.

One of my secrets that I am going to give away is that I have ton of firewood that I got for free. I picked the wood up on the side of the road. Last year I paid money for my firewood. This year I decided to invest my money in a chainsaw. Which is one of my favorite tools right now. I am going to cut the logs then I am going to burn it in the fireplace this year. As a result I am going to save hundreds of dollars on my heating bill. Also I am going to save hundreds of dollars on buying firewood this year. And that is what I call thinking Green.

There is really nothing special about the log horse that I built all I used is a some screws and 2by4’s I slap something together so that I can get the job done in a hurry. I have placed extremely heavy logs on the log horses and they do not budge. When I build things I build them to last. The log saw horse is versatile, it can fit any log on it because of the way it is made it has a place for small logs to lie down.

So if you own a fireplace and you want to cut back on your heating bill I believe this is the best way to go. I enjoy what I am doing because I am a very active and hands on person. Thank You For Reading.

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