How To Build Sawhorses

Sawhorses and Jereme Green

How to build sawhorses; this page gives detailed information on how to build some of the best sawhorses. The sawhorses that I made are versatile, rugged, strong and collapsible. They are very easy to store in different places and I haven’t seen anyone make them on the Internet yet.

The one thing that makes the sawhorses special amongst other sawhorses is the way that it is designed. The average handyman can build the sawhorses I designed and they can be disassembled at any time. This is great, because most handyman and Do it yourself people do not have worry about where are they going to store these big bulky horses. I have solved that problem for you. These sawhorses are designed to fit in the back of a car or in a tight corner of a room.

They are also strong and durable. I have put them to the test I put all my weight on them and they did not budge. I also put allot of wood on them to see if anything was going to happen and nothing happened. I also used the sawhorses as a workbench; I found that the sawhorses are extremely sturdy. It is without a question that these sawhorses that I have made are going to last a long time.

Saw Horses

In fact the sawhorses are so great of an idea I am sure someone is going to try to copy my idea and claim it for there own. That is ok though, but remember that you heard it here first the date is June 10, 2011. The pictures are worth a thousand words I do not have to explain what I did. My work speaks for itself. If you have any questions on how to build sawhorses you can email me at I hope that this information was helpful to someone that could use it. Stay tuned for more great information that is n this website.

I am changing pace, I have decided to start going in a positive direction on this website because that is in my best interest. I am excited and energized about this and I hope that you are to.

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