How To Chop Wood

Ways on how to chop wood, techniques that will blow your mind. With these techniques that I am going to give away for free you will be able to chop wood faster than most people that chop wood and with that said you can thank me later. The Internet is one amazing tool I have researched for you some of the best and productive ways to chop wood and here is the tips.

Chop Logs With A Log Splitter

Chopping logs with a log splitter is the way that I was chopping them as you have seen above in the video. The log splitter has a long handle for swinging. The long handle allows for the worker to drive it into the log with a hard thrust. The splitter that I used will split logs in one shot. It worked for me almost every time. This is the cheapest way to chop wood because the splitter or ax costs only 30-40 dollars. Where some machines can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The Best Place To Hit The Wood

The best place to hit the log is right on the edge of it do not try to hit the log in the center of it because that is one of the hardest spots to break. I always work my way from the outside of the wooden log to the inside it works every time.

The Fastest Way To Chop Wood

The fastest way to chop wood with an ax is by putting the wood a lot of wood into a tire and hitting and splitting it repeatedly. The tire is used so that the wood does not escape. I haven’t tried this method yet but I saw it on youtube and I thought that it was a really cool way to cut wood. There are many different machines that cut wood and tree logs for you I will b e going over that on another page.

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