How To Fix A Roof

Ways on how to fix a roof that is leaking in a home. A cheap way that will solve the problem of a roof that is leaking. Carpenters in New Jersey are jumping on roofs to get them fixed immediately recently there has been a lot of rain in New Jersey that is causing roofs to leak. Roofing business schedules are backed up for months because of the amount of roofs that are leaking. Some roofing jobs are big and need the hole roof to be redone. While other jobs are small and the fix may only take a few hours.

Here is just a small sample of what has taken place in Plainfield New Jersey. Above is a picture of a carpenter that is fixing the vent pipe on the roof. You see years ago the last carpenters that worked on the roof forgot to install the roof pipe flashing. It is a rubber boot that fits around the pipe so that rain does not get in the house. The Carpenter that was on the roof took a full bucket of roofing tar with him and the new boot. Once the carpenter got to the top of the roof, he speeded the tar around the pipe and placed the boot where it belonged. It was a successful and quick job. But as you see it is not easy.

I have known carpenters that will not work on roofs, they may be scared of heights or just feel uncomfortable. That is very understandable heights are not for everyone. I have worked on huge vessels that are 180 feet tall with some of the bravest carpenters. It can get scary. That is why it is important to remember that safety comes first when anyone is working with heights
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