How To Install A Baby Gate

Details on how to install a baby gate. Baby gates are designed to keep children out of places where they shouldn’t be. For example rooms or stairs that could endanger a child should be gated so the child does not go in the restricted area.

This particular carpentry project is not hard to complete, and it should only take at max 30 minutes to finish. If you plan on doing this project yourself I encourage you to approach this project with determination. It is a wonderful choice to put the gate up. Also there are many gates to choose from make sure that you choose the right gate for you and your child. So take advantage of the opportunity for your child to be safe.

God is good about two weeks ago my youngest climbed up the stairs on his own. My wife and I were not aware of it. I rushed to the top of the stairs to make sure that he was ok and I started thanking the lord that he was ok. As a result I am installing a baby gate so that this will not happen again.

Step 1 Locate the area where the gate can be installed Step 2 Use a stud finder to locate a stud Step 3 Mark where the stud is use a level to make a perfect vertical line Step 4 Use 2 ½ inch screws. Screw the gate into the wall. Step 5 Install the hook that the gate is going to lock into. The gates location will determine where the hook will go.

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