How To Paint

Directions on how to paint like the professionals. Great painting tips that will turn the average painter into a professional. Painting rooms is considered an art in my opinion. I always admire good painters for their perfection and accuracy. Sure anyone can pick up a paint brush and paint a wall, but there is still a technique to this awesome trade as well. If you would like to become a great painter just keep practicing. With patience comes perfection, in other words becoming a greater painter does not happen over night you have to work at it.

Things To Remember While Painting

Take Care Of Your Paint Brush And Roller- Put just enough paint on the brush or roller to get the job done. If there is too much paint on the paint brush take it off. Too much paint will leave drip marks in the object that you are painting

Use Painters Tape When Needed-Painters tape is awesome, I always use it and recommend it to anyone that is new at painting. Painter tape helps keep places clean.

You Get What You Paid For- You may find that the dollar store sales paint brushes. The paint brushes are cheap for a reason. The reason is the quality of work that the brushes bring out. If you want quality work for painting, buy standard or good quality equipment.

Prepare The Floor For A Mess- I always put a sheet on the floor to protect the floor from paint. Keeping your floor or a customers floor and other areas that paint can get on is crucial to the operation.

Stay Focused- Don’t get distracted and remember that with every action there is a consequence.

Trouble- if you find yourself in a jam and you don’t know what to do ask a professional for help.

Carpentry And Painting

Carpentry and painting go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you enjoy doing carpentry work then you may enjoy painting. Painting is basically sealing the deal in carpentry it is adding the finishing touches to a job well done

In my personal carpentry career I have taken many painting jobs. And all were very successful. In the process I have found that I can get paid while learning and having fun. I want to send a special thanks to my wife for allowing me to put her on my website and thank you the reader for reading this basic carpentry page page on how to paint

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