How To Install Corner Bead

How to install corner bead; carpentry tips that can make good carpenters into better ones. To protect an outside corner, fasten a metal corner-bead strip over the wallboard joint by driving nails or screws through holes in the bead into the stud. The easiest way to trim a corner bead to the correct length is to cut through the flanges with tin snips.

Covering a corner bead Load about two thirds of the width of a 5-inch knife with joint compound and lapping the knife blade about 2 inches over the corner, apply the compound by drawing the knife along one face of the bead. Repeat on the other face, then scrape off the excess compound and smooth the joint by alternately running down the two faces.

Apply a second layer of joint compound filling the knife blade two thirds full as above, but using the full width of the knife, so as to the feather the second layer out about ½ inch beyond the edge of the first. For the third coat, use an 8-inch knife, and feather the compound out an additional 2 inches on each side.

One of the best tools used to install corner bead is the crimper one of the tools names is a Marshalltown Corner Bead Tool With Mallet. What this tool does is it temporarily attaches the corner bead to the corners of the wall. Once this procedure is followed through correctly the corner bead is ready to be nailed up against the corner

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