Installing Gypsum Board

Installing gypsum board has become convenient for homeowners, carpenters, and handyman to install. It is becoming easier to access this wonderful material that is in the homes of millions if not billions of people. It is proven that Gypsum board has change the lives for mankind and will continue to do so for many years to come. Gypsum board is in most if not all-commercial buildings, houses, factories, stores you name it is there.

You have come to the right place. Today is your lucky day. I am going to give some key points that will help you install gypsum board successfully. Remember with practice comes perfection. Installing takes practice it is not something that everyone can learn overnight. So lets cut to the chase.

Gypsum Board Tips

Mark Your Gypsum Board

I draw lines on the board so that I know where the center of each stud is before I do anything. I do this so that I can accurately put the screws in the board as shown in the video. This tip is extremely important because without it you will not know where to put the screws in the board.

Cutting The Gypsum Board

When you want to cut the board use a utility knife with a sharp blade. That is best way to cut the board. It works for me every time I do it. Score the front of the board with the utility knife. Then hit the back of the board with your palm in the area that you just got finish scoring. Then just cut the paper with the knife.

Ready Set Go Install It

Put the gypsum board on the framed wall and place the edge of the gypsum board on the center of the stud and screw one of the center studs just as I have done above there will be more videos to come that will have more detailed information in it.

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