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Carpenter Jereme Green is back once again by popular demand. Jereme is the name and carpentry is the game. In the near future I will be letting out a series of home improvement videos and more carpentry tips and tricks. That will blow your mind. My personal carpentry business is still thriving I am not worried about the economy or what other people are doing I am going to do me and that’s it.

I do consider myself to be a professional but sometimes even I make mistakes no one is perfect. I strive to do my best and I think you should do the same. In carpentry there is always room for error, sometimes we see the errors other times we don’t. Regardless if you do your best that is what counts.

One of my personal goals is to become one of the most hardworking and informative carpenters that is on the planet. So stay tuned to this website great things will happen in the near future and I am excited to spear head this operation God Bless

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