Jesse Jackson Supports Carpenters Union

Jesse Jackson supports carpenters Union and labor unions in New Jersey. He showed up in support for the unions at a rally in Jersey City New Jersey on June 1, 2011. I believe that the unions are winning they are showing up to rallies and participating in political events that will soon turn the tides in New Jersey and get the middle class back to work. Everyone knows you reap what you sow. If you spend time working hard to support your fellow man, great will be your reward.

Chris Christie Against Working Families

Chris Christie is favoring the rich by giving them huge tax breaks while burdening the middle class and working families with education cuts, higher property taxes, and fair hikes of public transportation.

Chris Christie Gives Bank $12.3 Million

Recently Chris Christie gave $12.3 million of federal money to Citibank to relocate jobs to Jersey City. The problem with this is Citigroup turned around and lid off 276 workers in Englewood cliffs NJ in essences its “pay offs for lay offs.”

All union carpenters that can attend pro union rallies should do so. The more we are seen the more we are heard. The more we are heard the more basic carpentry job opportunities that we will have. It is important to show that union carpenters are politically involved as well as economically involved. If we can get people that are in office who supports the carpenters union carpenters union and unions in general than we have a great chance of improving the economy through job opportunities.

It’s Time For Change

I have heard that we have not recovered from the economy crash that came in the year of 2008. I totally agree. It is time for people to start changing their way of thinking in order for a real change to take place in their lives and in the lives of others. I encourage you the reader to love you neighbors as though they wee yourself. And keep pressing on to the high calling that you are called upon to do in your life. Home Page

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