Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop in Ghana designs custom coffins,The clever workshop that has been designing some of the most unusual coffins imaginable. 

This carpentry workshop has been designing some of the most unusual coffins and the entire world.  The concept of building custom coffins seems to be farfetched but in a little town and Africa this idea is a custom for the natives that live there.  Many people get together and have a celebration for the person that has died in and went on.  I believe when someone said” I want to go out with a big bang” the person who started this tradition took it literally.  This carpentry workshop has been in business since the 1920s and they are still in business to this day.  There’s only a few people that work in the shop and they do some of the most outstanding carpentry work that I have ever seen.

They have made wooden coffin replicas of fish, soda bottles, airplanes, buses, cars, and much more.  When a person puts their heart and soul into their work it shows.  From what I have seen this business will not only survive but it will thrive.  They have been featured on CBS another broadcasting networks and I’m sure that people all across the globe order from their workshop.

If I was a collector of fine woodwork, or custom woodwork products that carpenters made, I would definitely order one of their coffins two add to my collection.  In my tradition I get buried in a normal coffin.  But what a funny thought to get buried in a replica of my favorite car.  Maybe my favorite fish, or my favorite airplane that I always flew in.  I’m sure that there are many people that have requested to get buried in a custom           coffin but did not know who to ask. Well you are in luck KANE KWEI CARPENTRY WORKSHOP is taking orders.