Log Cabin Kit

Log cabin kit are being sold around the world for very good prices. On this web page I will be talking about log cabins. What other uses what makes them so cool to have and why I wish I had one. We're gonna talk about energy and how it is very inexpensive to have solar powered energy within the log cabin as well.

Log cabin kit are not popular in my area I live in Central New Jersey and I don't see too many log cabins out here. In fact I don't see any log cabins out here. But I have seen them on the Internet as well as on TV and they look very nice. I love them because I love wood. And log cabins are all made up of wood. The look of it and the way it's made up gives me more of a connection to nature and life in general that's how much I love log cabins. Let's face it the way a log cabin is made it can be made by organic materials only. In other words mother nature and that is very beautiful. I have seen huge log cabins with five and six bedrooms. And then there is some small log cabins that may have one bedroom or smaller. Either way log cabins are beautiful big and small.

Solar Energy and Log Cabins

Here in Central New Jersey there are solar panels on every street light poles in my area. It looks like someone is preparing for a blackout but that is another story:-). Solar energy has become more accessible to everyone and buying solar panels are not as expensive as they used to be. I have seen on youyube.com many people that have turned their houses and workshops into a solar powered place. I have even seen do it yourself heaters. So in this day and age in 2012 you can have a log cabin that is in the middle of nowhere and still have electricity for a reasonable price. I hope that the prices continue to go down on solar panels or solar power and log cabins.

But another great thing about owning a log cabin is that there is no taping drywall, or fixing sheetrock holes. 'cause the house is made of wood solid wood. So if you are thinking of buying a log cabin you have my blessing go for it. It is an awesome adventure and a blessing to have it in your possession.

Log Cabin Kit

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