North Carolina Carpentry Competition

North Carolina carpentry competition 1800 students were competing in North Carolina state leadership and skill conference and competition held at the Greensboro coliseum. 

Competitors have one local and regional skills test to go here in areas ranging from computer repair and cosmetology to sculpture Welding.

According to reliable sources during this event a number of participants also helped the united Methodist church disaster response team build walls for two project houses students felt happy and proud that they can help someone that is in need.

“I haven’t heard any screaming from smashed fingers, so I guess everything’s going OK,” joked Cliff Harvell, UMC disaster response coordinator.

Harvell said the frames hammered together on the floor of the Pavilion will be used to replace homes lost during the remnants of Hurricane Isaac last August. One home will go to a Vietnam veteran, the other to a disabled woman cared for by her daughter.

The students worked under the auspices of a variety of teachers — carpentry, masonry, electrical wiring — who also were attending the conference and competition.

“I give them a solid ‘A’ on effort, a solid ‘A’ on construction, on aesthetics — just an all-round ‘A,’” Lewis said. “The thing is, these students are getting nothing except the satisfaction of helping someone else.”

According to reliable sources Quinlan Henry, a carpentry teacher at Lee County High School, said he didn’t hear any griping, which reminded him of how these kids otherwise made it to the state competition for their other individual skills.

“These kids aren’t afraid of hard work,” Henry said.

I believe that this is another example of competition and community service that is just awesome.  It is extremely nice when students can get together from different schools and help build up houses work together for people that are in need.  I love hearing good news especially good news about carpentry students. These are the future carpenters of America thank you very much. Thanks for reading this page on North Carolina carpentry competition. For more basic carpentry information continue to visit this website.