Old Carpentry Picture

An Old Carpentry Picture for everyone to enjoy. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words so view this carefully. Talk to friends and family about them spread the word that I am putting pictures up. 

Founded in 1867, with the assistance of $500,000 from the Freedman's Bureau to purchase land for a site, Howard University offered aspiring African Ameri­cans professional as well as liberal arts education. With the support of the federal government, it expanded blacks' opportunities to train in law, medicine, dentistry, and other fields in the 1880's. 

This old carpentry picture of eight black men that attended Howard university in 1867 is nice.  This was a huge privilege obviously for them.  When I put myself in their position and I set my mind frame two that time in society.  I often wondered what exactly is a on their minds.  I’m sure that they were very grateful for the opportunity that they had considering their past.  But their future, their future was questionable I am almost certain of it.  The future must have looked bright but also confusing.

You know I have taken some survey courses in carpentry school, and I have done surveyed land across the state of New Jersey.  I have survey with some of the best man, and with some of the worst.  But I have never, ever seen anyone dress as sharp as these brothers look while surveying in this  old carpentry picture.  I mean look at them.  Three piece suits, derby hats, dress shoes, bow ties, and glasses.  These brothers look sharp and classy.

I came across another landmark in carpentry history this liberal arts carpentry program that these eight brothers were in, paved the way for other African American professionals to excel in liberal arts education.  Once this carpentry serving program was a success other programs in Howard University were opened up such as law of medicine and dentistry in other fields for blacks in the 1880’s.

I normally don’t get racial on my website of any sort because I’m a firm believer we are all the same in God’s eyes.  It just so happened to be that we look different.  But I am proud of my heritage and I will not ignore it anymore.  When we’re proud of something we acknowledge it every now and then.  If we forget our past we will never know where we are going as a human race and a whole.  Today is a good day I’ve found some very great information an old carpentry picture about eight black surveyors that attended Howard University in 1880's.  Thank you for reading for more old carpentry pictures and basic carpentry tips continue to visit this website.