Planning A Remodel

Planning a remodel before work begins take some tips,you should have a clear idea of the steps required to complete the job, and the sequence in which they should be done. You'll also need to evaluate your own ability to perform the vari­ous tasks. One of your first decisions will be whether to do the work your­self or get professional help.

Can you do the work yourself?

When planning a remodel ask yourself What skills do you need to remodel a bathroom? It depends on the im­provements you're planning. Proj­ects such as painting, setting wall tile, and installing floors and cabi­nets are within easy reach of any homeowner with basic do-it-yourself ability. You'll need a few specialized tools to complete some some basic carpentry projects, but you can buy them at a building sup­ply or home improvement center, or perhaps even rent them.

If your plans include complex remodeling projects such as mov­ing bearing walls, running new drain and vent pipes, or wiring new electrical circuits and service pan­els, you may want to hire profession­als to do part or all of the job. But many smaller structural, plumb­ing, and electrical jobs can be done by a homeowner with some basic experience.

Even if there's little you can build, you may discover a talent for demolition—and save some money. But some contractors may not want to relinquish this task. If you do take it on, be sure to finish by the time the remodeling crew is ready to begin.

Planning your project

Putting careful thought into your preparations can save you extra work and inconvenience later. As the scale of your remodeling project increases, the need for careful plan­ning becomes more critical. If your home has only one bathroom, your goal is to keep it in operating order as much of the time as possible. With careful scheduling, the remod­eling time will be easier for the en­tire family.

Be sure to obtain any necessary permits from your local building department. A contractor, if you hire one, will do this job for you. But if you're doing the work yourself, you'll need to secure permits and arrange for inspections. Finally, before you start planning a remodel and carpentry work, double-check the priori­ties listed below.

·  Establish the sequence of carpentry jobs to be done, and estimate the time needed for completion.

·  If you're hiring professional help, make sure you have legally bind­ing contracts and schedules with contractors and subcontractors.

II If electricity, gas, or water must be shut off by the utility compa­ny, arrange for the cutoff date.

·    Locate an area for temporarily storing fixtures that have been removed.

·    Measure fixtures for adequate clearance through doorways and hallways, or down staircases.

·    Locate a site for dumping refuse
and secure necessary permits.

·    Obtain all other required permits.

·    Arrange for timely delivery of materials and be sure you have all the necessary tools on hand.

Note: If you're contracting the work, you can skip the last three steps; they're normally part of the contractor's service.