Plywood Sphere Sundial

Plywood sphere sundial that is made out of plywood could be a very nice carpentry project to work on. A sundial could be put in your backyard or in your front yard depending how and where you want it to be. Creating around project from a flat, square sheet of plywood inevitably means some waste, but the nesting of the parts. Once all of the parts our cutout they will assemble together and functionally create a sundial with any built up hour ring.

In order to outline the radius is of this circle you can use any length of flexible wire or string with a nail fastened to one and a pencil to the other two scribe all circles and arcs. All the same size curves at one time starting in the center with the largest 36 diameter circle. Shorten the wire accordingly for each smaller circle. Some compass points are used more than once now cut out all pieces with a saber saw or carry the panel to a full size man saw start assembling with the base and work your way up.

I have decided that I will give pictures to this project I do have blueprints for it but due to time I will not give out step by step instructions on how to build this project. Hopefully you can find some body that Carries a step by step projects in order to build this sundial. If you’re able to follow blueprints then you’ll find this page very informative. Sundials are unique nowadays no one uses them but if you have a love for them than this is for you.

People that are doomsday preparers would love to have a sundial because it tells you what time it is without any electronics that are involved. Right now there are many people preparing for something to happen. I hope that nothing happens and one day we will all be able to look back and laugh at everything that is going on. But in the meantime sundials are great to have I will have a material list as well for anyone that is interested in building this project thank you for reading of and stay tuned.

Plywood Sphere Sundial

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