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Price carpentry jobs tips;I am a contractor that has been pricing work for a few years now and I have had some good estimates and I have had some bad estimates. But through it all the estimates that I have completed whether it was good or bad it made me who I am today. Which is a good estimator on carpentry jobs. I estimate for the benefit of the customer and the contractor and here is some of the techniques that I use.

Set Your Own Price Tag

On some jobs whether big or small I already know how much I want to charge. Because I have done the job before or I know what is required. If it is a job that I really do not favor I will price the job higher than what other contractors would charge. I do this to make the job worth my time and effort. On other occasions I may price the job low if it is a special relative or friend. But always remember business is business.

How Do You Want To Get $ Paid

Is it hourly or daily, most people that I know choose daily if they are going to be working on a job for days at a time. The hourly choice is when a job may take 2-3 hours and it is not a full days work. This is how I normally charge in my carpentry business Green’s Carpentry. It works for me every time. I hope that you are learnign or enjoying this page on price carpentry jobs tips.

Who Pays For The Material

So the biggest question that I get slapped with sometimes is who pays for the material and the answer is whatever your heart desires. Some carpentry contractors pay for the material and give the customer the bill at the end of the job. That is not how I operate I have the customer pay for the materials. And in some occasions the customer will get the materials delivered to the place that it needs to be in. The reason why I do not pay for the materials is because it is not necessary if the customer is willing to do it.

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