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Quality carpentry tools are great and I recommend using them while working on any job. On this page you will find information about brand name carpentry tools that I've used throughout my years in the carpentry business. I will also give key examples on why it is important to buy quality carpentry tools instead of buying cheap junk that will not last for very long time.

First let's talk about cheap tools, once a upon a time I decided to invest in a screwdriver set that cost barely anything. I must've had about 20 screwdrivers for $8.00 I thought I made out really well. So I began to use the screwdriver set the next day on my job as I was using it one of the handles broke off of two screwdrivers within minutes. I was angry and upset but I come to realize that I got what I paid for. I was ready to tear the guy's head off that sold me these tools but then I started to realize that the tools were cheap and that was why he knew that they were not going to last.So from that point on I always bought quality tools. One of my favorite quality tools is craftsmen because of their guarantee. If your tape measure breaks you can always send it to the craftsmen manufacturer and they will give you another one. All of their tools have a lifetime guarantee on them which makes them one of the most if not the greatest manufacturer of tools out there.

Other quality tool Sellers are the DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, all of the companies that I've just mentioned are highly trusted in the carpentry field. I have been working on carpentry jobs for over 10 years and I have definitely seen all of the names that I have listed above many times in my career. Dewalt and Milwaukee sell great screw guns and drills Bosch sells really good routers and sawzaws. Another great quality carpentry tools provider is Hilti. Hilti has many good products I have noticed that there guns that shoot nails into concrete and steel are top of the line.

Skillsaw sells the best worm drive circular saw. I think I named all that I think of right now which is roughly five major manufacturers that sell quality tools for reasonable prices. O yeah I took a trip to a store called Harbor Freight Tools. This is a fairly new store in my area it's new to me anyway. There are a lot of cheap tools for cheap prices and perhaps cheap quality. But I did notice that they have a guarantee on their hand tools and their power tools. So it may not be a bad place to shop if you don't have the money to buy a high end tool. So there you have it folks I hope that you have left this page with something that has enlightened you on this particular topic thank you and goodbye.

Quality Carpentry Tools

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