Removing A Wall Tips And Advice

Removing a wall should be done by a professional carpenter. If you're not a professional and you are looking forward to removing the wall then here are some tips for you. But again I stress to all my readers that if you're not a professional you should not be removing any walls.

First things first seek some advice if you want to remove a wall in your house. Ask a professional to come down to your house and give you some advice. Once he gives you some advice ask another professional and if he gives you the same advice, more than likely their method or way of removing the wall is is correct.

Nonload Bearing Walls

If you are a carpenter, you may want to start moving non load bearing walls. Nonload bearing walls are safe to remove because they do not support a load in the house or building ,of any sort. Nonload bearing walls are existing walls that can be removed without effecting the integrity of the structure of the home. Nonload bearing walls are the safest walls to remove in any place. All walls contained studs that are two by fours or metal studs. Some walls may contain electrical outlets, pipes, insulation, wires, and other paraphernalia. Removing certain walls will open a room up and give a more style, more character, more openness. But it will be earned.

Load Bearing Walls

If you plan on moving a wall that is considered to be a load bearing wall then you should have something to support the load while removing that wall. Any time a load bearing wall is moved or is being demolitioned it is important to be safe and smart. If you are an amateur then seek help and advice before doing this task. If it is not done properly then a floor can fall on you. A whole building can fall on you. So be careful that is how serious it is. There are many videos on the Internet that explain this process more thoroughly. I will be demonstrating in the near future how to remove the non load bearing wall which is pretty simple.

Professional carpenters are very good at removing load bearing walls and nonload bearing walls it is not a hard task if you are a professional carpenter. If you're not a professional carpenter but you are an all around good handyman you may find this job to be a little difficult.

Thank you for reading this page on removing a wall. Once again my name is Jereme Green. This month of January 2012 there will be constant updates on this web site so stay tuned you're in for a real good treat

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