School Cutting Carpentry

School cutting carpentry, here’s a typical story of vocational programs being cut in schools in order to make the budget and cut down costs in a school district.  But I have seen stories like this time and time again.  It never ceases to amaze me that when the going gets tough that often gets going.  Vocational programs such as carpentry, masonry, electrical and welding seem too frequently end up on the chopping block when things start getting tight. A carpentry lesson is not important as other curriculums evidently to some people.

I have said this over and over again on my website that wood shop and other various carpentry training schools and courses and books have helped me to build a career of success.  I have a small carpentry business, I’m a union carpenter, a family man, and so one. 

Carpentry programs that offer carpentry skills such as the one that I’m about to talk about should thrive and not survive. Members of the Alamance Burlington Board of Education discussed for almost an hour Monday the planned elimination of a carpentry program offered to students of Cummings and Williams high schools. 

Cox said problems with the carpentry program have been building for years, and said there have been times when fewer than half the students enrolled in Carpentry I enrolled in Carpentry II the following year. Finding the proper place to teach the classes has been difficult, Cox said.

“A lot of it is a resource issue,” she said.

Cox and other school officials said students enrolled in the program and wishing to complete it might do so through a partnership with Alamance Community College.

Van Pelt said there had never been a big demand for carpentry classes, noting that when he was principal at Sellars-Gunn Education Center 12 years ago “these numbers were typical.” He said that with the school system looking to make up a budget deficit of more than $3 million, “ We're having to make hard decisions.” All quotes are from other reliable sources in fact this hole story is from a reliable source. Thanks for reading this page on school cutting carpentry most of my news positive but I also like to keep people informed on whats going on the basic carpentry world today.Everything that was mentioned is form a reliable source and I am just reporting on a school cutting carpentry.