Singapore Carpentry Business

Singapore Carpentry Business, Rahimah Hj Serudin started carpentry as a hobby but then she turned her hobby into a serious carpentry business about a year ago. This mother of four used to build chicken coops she decided to take her carpentry skills to another level she expanded her talents and artistic abilities and now she’s building shelves, benches, swings, shoe racks, birdhouses, and most recently a cat house.

Rahimah She said when I was a child I use to help my father who is a famous traditional carpenter here, to build things.  That was my punishment every time for not wanting to go to school she said laughing her childhood antics.

Rahimah Said there was one time when she had to help her father cement the floor and the house.  She reveled and the punishment as that would mean she could be outside and playing with her father's carpentry equipment.  But unlike her father she did not have the patience to work on traditional furniture in a  Singapore carpentry business. She learned all of your carpentry skills by watching her father and through trial and error.

She said although I learned to make close and bake my passion is more on carpentry I like working with my hands and creating something out of a stack of wood," she said.

She mostly got her ideas from watching TV and watching just shows such as do it yourself programs. She is always looking for different ideas and designs that she could copy.  She said that most of her clients are her family members, relatives, and friends and she's hoping to start taking orders from other people.  Rahimah a single mother, has four daughters "I am used to being independent and basic carpentry gives me the opportunity not just to expand my talent but to start my own business and always be with my daughters," she said. "My dream is to provide outdoor furniture for clients who want to have small parties for children or family gathering.

"The type of furniture that I have in mind are benches or tables that are easily dismantled or foldable. Both my sister and I have been toying with this idea for quite some time. I can provide the furniture while my sister who is into baking cakes and cookies can cater the food."Those who are interested with Rahimah's work can contact her at 8939668. I believe that this a great carpentry story and that there are plenty of people around the world that are doing the same thing as this women stay tuned for more carpentry information here on this website.Thanks for reading  Singapore Carpentry Business