Taping Drywall

Taping Drywall is an art. Not everyone can do it, and it takes practice in order to be good at. On this page I want to give some tips that may help you in learning how to tape. I have taped and spackled a few walls in my lifetime and now I want to share this wealth of information with you.

I took spackling classes for 40 hours in a carpenter school I am not the best but I can finish a drywall. So without delay here is the way I tape. First I put a little bit of the white stuff on the corner of the putty knife. Next I put the corner of the knife with the putty on the wall I go down in a straight line where the two pieces of drywall meet. Once an even coat of white stuff is on the wall then I put the Tape on the drywall I start high and end low I cut the tape with the edge of the spackling knife.

That is pretty much it, it very obvious that you can learn from a drywall demonstration video that on this page. But I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I explained it on this website. Corners can be very tricky when it comes to finishing drywall. On of my problems that I had at the begging in was putting to much spackle in the corner of the wall which made the job more difficult now I just put a even spread in the corner and then place the tape and then flatten the tape with the putty knife.

I hope that this demonstration will help you in learning how taping drywall. I found that it takes practice but once you get it you will never forget it. This tip will stay with you forever. I hope Thanks for reading this is Jereme Green over and out.

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