Trex Decking

Trex decking is a great system that can be used to build decks and rails. It is extremely durable comes in rich colors. With the way that it is designed it gives a modern look. Anyone that desires to have a deck installed in their house and other different places that are desirable, you will not be disappointed. Trex has truly taken carpentry work to a higher level with this awesome product. Carpentry work has truly become more pleasant, easier and more convenient.

Trex Is Durable

Trex is durable, the Decking and railing won't splinter, rot, warp or deteriorate, so there's no need for sanding, staining or painting. Trex parts are crafted with durable, low-maintenance PVC composite with a slightly textured surface, with its seamless design and attention to detail, enhances the look of any deck. It feels good under the feet and it is for sale in stores for some prices people cant beat.

This deck is very comfortable under the feet it is a little softer than wood and it is great. If you are thinking about installing a deck or patio this is the way to go, so go for it. Here is a carpentry tip; If you are a carpenter that wants to offer a client some excellent service that you can manage and do yourself than this is for you.

How to install

Here is some carpentry tips on how to install trex. The first thing to do, frame out a deck with wood. The wooden joist or beams should be 16 inches on center. Once that step is complete then the Trex parts can be installed the trex deck system comes with a spacer for each beam that is installed. Read the directions carefully, for different temperatures the deck requires to be spaced differently. I have seen trex videos on that can give you the general idea on how to install them as well.

Carpentry work on installing decks has become more convenient because this does not leave a lot of dust after you cut it. Just the other day I seen someone using trex decking in Plainfield New Jersey and they said that they love it.


Thanks for reading I hope that I have inspired someone to build a deck using the Trex system.And remember the race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the strong but the person that endures to the end More carpentry tips on trex decking coming soon

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