Wooden Boat Dinghy

This wooden boat dinghy is built from two different thickness sheets of plywood, plus a one by four and one by two rows. The latter spaces on cleats form a duck board floor to keep your feet dry you cut the paddles for the half inch sheet and use one half diameter polls for the handles. The seat has a compartment underneath the floor for storeing a tackle box and if you wish you can insert flotation such as a Styrofoam block into the end compartments.

The boats compact enough for easy transport, and you don't need any special tools to construct it, though a portable circular saw will speed the cut out of the parts and the saber saw will quickly shape the necks of the paddles no provision has been made for the curves and the layout dimensions so center your cuts on the pencil lines lightly sand and cut edges for best glue contact.

I got this carpentry project out of one of my old books and it is a very nice project to take on. At specially if you're into fishing like me. One day I will build a boat, this is a very inexpensive and it is fun to do. If you're thinking about taking on this project then I will encourage you to make sure that the boat is waterproof before you take it in the ocean or lake. Also I will encourage you to use silicone or liquid nails some type of strong adhesive that is capable of enduring water. Something that is capable of sealing up the cracks.

I would also only go out on shallow lakes if you decide to go out in deep oceans I would prefer for you to have a life jacket. In fact I believe that it is very important than anyone that decides to build a boat should have a life jacket or preserver. But enough of the safety stuff. I believe that this project is very very very cool and I can't wait to tackle it myself one day that is the only reason why I am putting this on my website. It is pretty cool they called it a dinghy which is a small boat cool name. Great for catching fish or just rowing down the stream.

Wooden Boat Dinghy

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