Wooden Toy Box

A Wooden Toy box is an excellent basic carpentry project to take on and complete within a day or two. On this page we are going to explore some of the possibllities on creating a standard and custom toy box that any child will love to have and use daily. 

A toy box should be safe reliable and durable for the children. I have three boys that play with toys through out the entire day I have been putting all of there toys in a plastic tote for years but I am tired of the tote because when my boys want a toy that is at the bottom of the box they dump the hole tote over. 

So in order to solve this problem I am going to build a toy box that will be screwed to the floor so that they can not turn the toy box over. Building a toy box can be simple it d oes have its tricky points. The handy man or carpenter must be familiar wth using a saw, hammer and a screw gun if the carpenter or handyman is not familiar with using these tools they can refer to this site on how to use them. Or just check it out on video somewhere. 

And remember saftey first at all times.

I have seen many fancy toy boxes that are very nice some have the childs name engraved into the wood. While others have picutres that are engraved as well I am not going to ge that fancy with it but what I am going to paint it with some nice colors.

One thing that a carpenter should do is double check that there are no possible ways for a child to get splinters. So sand the wood properly or cover it with Fomica  and or get his or her fingers smashed. It is important to use the correct hinges on the wooden toy box that close slowly. 

There is a world of fun in the carpentry game, if we use our imagimations and have a little vision mixed with energy and faith there is no telling how far that we can take this trade. I am still very excited the future is looking bright. Jereme Green aka Carpenter 007 of Plainfield New Jersey. 

Brush up your carpentry skills here and make your wooden toy box

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