Wooden Wagon Wheel

The wooden wagon wheel are ancient they are known to have been used in 2000 BC and possibly even before that.  Man has used wagon wheels for a very long time, the history on a wagon wheel makes the wheel made of rubber look like a baby.  Because the wheel made of rubber probably came out a few hundred years ago. The wooden wheel has been invented  thousands of years ago.  For thousands of years carpenters were able to build wagon wheels for chariots and horse. Carpenters had shops where they would make wagon wheels all day. Carpenters were very well respected back in the day because of their carpentry skills just like locks smith and sword makers.

Now in this day and age a wooden wagon wheel is used for a decoration, some amusement, chandeliers, but not by any means of a major part of transportation anymore.  It’s funny how mankind could use something for thousands of years and then one day in the blink of an eye things start to change.  Someone else found a better way to get around.  Carpenters that made wagon wheels closed their businesses or decided to make something else.

And of course you’ll notice the hummer with the wooden wheels on it.  I had to put this picture up on the web site as soon as I saw it.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s truly creative custom carpentry work of art.  The carpenters that designed and put together these wheels were truly master craftsmen of their trade. I am sure that this hummer has probably recieved a numerous amount of car show awards based on creativity. Another thing is that the better watch were they park the truck or someone may take the rims. Im just kidding.

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