A Carpenter In New Jersey Focus On Chris Christie

by John Doe
(New Jersey)

We are hoping that Chris Christie is going to work with the unions in New Jersey to help make New Jersey a better place. Unions help the average middle class citizens to be treated fairly. What we don’t want in New Jersey is hostile corporate takeovers that will force the middle class into the lower class. Chris Christie wants to bring property owners against the unions. I am a carpenter that lives in New Jersey I want the governor to focus on building bigger and better schools for our children. This will employ thousands of people and create hundreds of permanent jobs

Focus on clean coal technology plants that can be built in New Jersey. With a clean coal plant thousands and thousands of jobs can be created, as a result the economy will improve. Chris Christie should focus on New Jersey’s economy and decisions that will benefit the people not hurt them.

They are worried because we are running out of money, we have always been out of money the system is built in borrowing money and there is nothing that we can do about. So I say just say keep investing into America and the middle class and hopefully we will be able to pay our way out of the debt that we are in, instead of cutting costs and carpentry jobs.

Chris Christie should support the unions all unions in New Jersey. It is time for a true change in New Jersey a good change that will bring people to work. I am a carpenter that lives in New Jersey and I must tell you that the economy is having a tuff time thriving in general.

With high gas prices, food prices, and the taxes on my home are going up it is pretty hard to make ends meet. In the midst of all the confusion the only thing that keeps me sane is holding on to Gods unchanging hand. Keep the faith New Jersey because at the end of this all God still sits on the throne.

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