Apprentice Carpentry

Apprentice carpentry is just carpentry that apprentices do and apprentices are great carpenter helpers if they are taught the right way. It’s important that journeyman teach apprentices the right way to go in carpentry. When I was an apprentice I learned a little bit form a couple of people. They taught me how to hold a screw gun drill or swing a hammer that was about it nobody taught me nothing. I learned allot of the stuff on my own.

Apprentices are like diamonds in the dirt and there are others that are just dirt, meaning there heart is really not in carpentry. My advice to anyone that is starting this trade is make sure your heart is in the work that you put up because if your heart is not in your work it will show in many ways. If it does not show in your work it will show in your attitude or just the way you walk and if I’m wrong than that’s great do your thing.

Apprentices should approach any carpentry project as if the project is going to be graded and I you want A+. Check over your work constantly while working on the project correct errors that need correction and you will become the best of the best. Get your carpentry training skills as high as they can go. Become a expert in basic carpentry.

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