Approved Carpentry

Here is a inspector that is approving the frame work in a building

In order to get approved carpentry you must get it inspected by an inspector from the county or the state that you live in. Only they can truly give the seal of approval. Inspectors are to be respected because they have the power to shut the job down. It’s the inspector’s job to make sure that everything is built up to code. They are on the carpenter’s job to support both the contractor and the client or customer. Plain and simple.

Union carpenters in the construction industry always have the proper inspections and get approved carpentry. For the interior of a building there can be a possibility of 4 inspections that the carpenters heave to face. These four inspections are listed below in detail.

1.FRAMING is normally the first inspection that is done. In metal framing in order to pass this inspection both sides of the stud must be screwed off, all studs should be laid according to what the blueprints call for. Always make sure weather or not the suds need to be screwed of at the top of them as well. With high or tall walls black iron or strong back may be required to give the wall extra standing strength. Once the framing inspection has pass you are ready to sheetrock one side of the wall.

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Here is a picture of a wall that will soon be inspected

2.Sheetrock and electrical inspection is the next inspections that must pass after the one side of the wall is completely rocked. All screws on the sheetrock should be 12 inches apart in the field of the board an 8 inches apart along the perimeter of the board and it is up to the electricians to do there job in order for you to move on so you can insulate the wall with installation.

3.Insallation inspection is the next inspection to pass. Installation is carpentry work as well. The insulation should be neatly and properly put between the studs in order to pass inspection plain and simple. Then you can sheetrock the other side of the wall and you are done.

4.The next inspection is the ceiling inspection. Basically the framing of the ceiling has to be checked. If it is built to code the way the prints show how it should be you will be fine. And you can close up the ceiling when you get the go.

In basic union carpentry the work is done so well sometimes they don’t really need an inspector that’s how good it is but it is mandatory to have one and the only way to have approved carpentry.

Getting approved carpentry is important in the carpenters union.

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