Basic Carpentry Framing Tips

Here are some basic carpentry framing tips that makes framing easy. These are tips that I picked over the years that I have been in carpentry.These tips should bring you to the next level in framing.

"The art of placeing studs 16 on center has been lost" Its Sad. When doing layout for studs mark 16in on center. DO NOT mark 15 1/4in or 15 3/4in and throw the x to the left it gets confusing for people and they tend to mess up the layout.

"Make your first stud or beam plumb and pull your layout from that stud."CHECK YOUR WORK PERODICALY plumb evey 8ft make sure your work comes out good. If your stud is off your hole layout is off.There are two ways you can make your stud plumb a plumb bob or a laser.

Use a speed square to make the stud sit precisely were it needs to be. Use good judgement if something does not look right more than likely its because its not. Also having things plumb and square are very important when framing.Make sure the material that you will be putting on the frame always ends on the middle of the stud if it doest FIX IT.

Here is more basic carpentry framing tips when framing out columns with track you can frame the top after you frame the bottom in some cases. Check for plumb on both sides of the column.This pictrue on the bottom is a prime example of what im talking about.

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