A Basic Carpentry Skill

A carpenter that is checking his frame work

Without this basic carpentry skill you will be lost in carpentry, every carpenter has to have these carpentry skills or they are not a good carpenter.

Every carpenter has to know how to read the ruler. Reading the ruler is a fundamental in carpentry that no carpenter can go without. It is impossible to go to a carpentry school and graduate not knowing how to read a ruler. There are carpenters that may be able to read the ruler well but they can read it and that is what mattes. If you do not know how to read a ruler they sell rulers at Home Depot or Lowes that have the break down on what every line means

Another fundamental skill in basic carpentry is being able to pay attention to details. In carpentry details are very important, sometimes it can make a difference from right or wrong. If there is an issue with the carpentry project that you are working on do not ignore it address it until you are able to solve it or the issue may turn into something bigger than it really was.

Last but not least is safety first. Without safety you are capable of loosing a finger, an eye or breaking some bones possibly even dieing. There must be safety regulations that are on a carpentry job as well safety regulations in your head. Once again do not ignore a carpentry project that seems to be unsafe someone can get hurt badly.

In conclusion these points that I have given you are so important in carpentry that you can not be a great carpenter without one or the other.

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