Basic Carpentry Tools

Here is a list of basic carpentry tools that every carpenter should carry when working on a carpentry job. Good carpenters normally carry extra carpentry hand tools to be prepared for anything. You can print this out and use it as a Tool Check List. I found that using a tool check list comes in handy when preparing for a job because once everything is checked off I do not have to worry or think that I am forgetting something.

_Tape Measure-is the first tool on the list because nine times out of ten you will need this tool on every carpenter job. I normally carry two tape measures reason being if one breaks then I can always use the other instead of having to go to the store.

_A Hammer- is another carpentry tool that most carpenters use on jobs. This is another tool that I always carry because it is unpredictable when something has to get hit with a hammer.

_ Utility knife is a very common tool that is used for multiple tasks such as cutting drywall, ceiling tile, sharpening pencils and much more. When you bring an utility knife on the job always make sure there is extra blades in the knife

_Carpenters pencil is needed for mostly every carpenter job. This is self explanatory.

_Pliers is a versatile tool that can be used for many jobs. This carpentry tool is recommended it be taken on every job. It can be used for tieing wire and cutting it, taking out finish nails and screws and much more.

_Snips is a great handy carpentry tool that can completes some of the hardest tasks. Snips can cut metal studs, sheetmetal, wires, and much more.

_Speed Square makes strait cuts and different angel cuts. The speed square is used a lot when framing and concrete work. It is an all around great tool have.

_Framing Clamps are used when holding studs together right before a screw is about to go in them. They are also used for a variety of different things.

_T square is used when Drywalling to make an accurate and strait cute.

_Drywall Lifter it is used for lifting drywall so that it can be screwed in the proper place. Drywall lifter is mainly used on drywall jobs only.

_Level is used for leveling many different things. The level and a torpedo level comes in handy and is need on many different carpenter jobs.

There will be pictures for all these basic carpentry tools soon and there will be more tools added here as well so stay tuned. These tools in particular are for carpenters who work on framing walls, drywalling them, do concrete work, installing doors and windows and more.

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