Bench Vises

by Leroy Knight
(New Virginia, Iowa)

Types of bench vises Bench vises are made in both bolt on and clamp on models. Bases may be either rigid or swivel types. For light duty, especially where a permanently installed vise might be an obstacle, it is best to select a clamp-on vise. For fun-range use, buy a bolt-mounted vise, preferably one that has regular and pipe jaws, and a jaw width and opening of at least inches.

Specialized vises include vacuum-base types that lock to any smooth surface and multiangle vises which swivel horizontally anal can be tilted vertically to any required position.

Woodworking vises Woodworkers and carpentry work' vises do not mount MI top of the workbench, as bench vises do, but at the edge of the bench, with their use tops flush with the bench top. Mounted in this way, they do not obstruct large work on the bench, Jaws of woodworkers' vises are lined with wood or hardboard to protect the work clamped between them. A useful feature on some: A half thread that makes it possible to slide the jaw against the work without a lot of handle turning. The vise is then tightened with only a half turn. When mounting a woodworking vise to a work-bench, use heavy lag screws, which can be tightened With a screech, instead of ordinary wood screws.

The versatile C-clamp As a rule, C-clamps are made in sizes from 1 to 8 inches. (Sizes are based on the maximum opening.) The depth to the back of the clamp usually ranges from I inch to about 4 inches, depending on the size of the clamp. Deep throated types are available, however, from some manufacturers. Always insert pads of scrap wood between the clamp jaws and the work to protect the work's surface against marring. These protective pads also serve to distribute pressure uniformly. The ball joint at the foot attire clamp is designed to swivel so that work which is not absolutely flat can still be securely clamped. Buy &clamps as required in sizes to suit each job as it conies up. After a few projects, you will have all the sizes you need.

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