Bridge Collapse In Miami Florida

There is a lot of carpentry work on bridges if you did not know. A bridge collapse in Miami Florida this is a tragic event. Right now currently the investigation is ongoing. The general contractor has released a statement that they are in deep regret of the situation that has occurred.

There is a numerous amount of things that could have went wrong while building this bridge such as the wrong material being used to build the bridge perhaps the wrong size bolts.

The concrete was not cured properly before the stress test. Cheap Steel or bolts that compromise the Integrity of the bridge. And of course a poorly engineered design that was going to fail.

The engineers perhaps didn't take account the weight Factor pertaining to the cables or bolts that were holding the bridge together.

Whatever it is we will find out in the days to come this is an ongoing investigation right now.

I'm sure the contractor will have to go bankrupt with the amount of lawsuits that will be done to that business.

I'm not going to put the contractor's name on blast you can do some research and find out what is yourself.

Carpenters Ironworkers sometimes electricians all work together to build a bridge laborers as well. Ironworkers put in the steel, Carpenters build wood to hold the concrete as it's being poured. And the laborers pour the concrete.

To my understanding the bridge was prefabricated in one location and installed in the primary location. I saw some of the videos people looked very excited and enthusiastic about this project.

Unfortunately some huge factors were overlooked and not considered I heard that the bridge was undergoing some sort of stress test.

During any types of tests that has to be done on structures I believe that it is recommended that the area is evacuated and prepared for the worst case scenario that can play out.

In some events electric companies, refineries, and other heavy power plants. Contractors and engineers make certain that people stand clear and far away before the unit is turned on so that no one gets hurt.

It's important to not be complacent during the test run. I don't think that they will be building another Bridge anytime soon because of the casualties that have suffered already while building the bridge.

But if they do decide to build the bridge again I think that they should have a better safety program and effect so that no one gets hurt and they're not on the 5:00 news again.

Once again this is a tragic event we pray for our fellow Carpenters whoever they are and all of the families that worked on the bridge to ensure safety. We also pray for the people that got hurt and killed during this tragic event and it is a shame that a brand new big bridge collapse it is an embarrassment to America and I think that we can do better as a nation. I know that less regulations have been cut out of construction but sometimes especially while hanging Bridges regulations is very important to ensure the safety of others so that people will have their live saved and other people won't cut corners and order to save money and get the job done fast.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone including the contractor that built the bridge let's learn from this lesson and continue to build with a more precautious mind set and strong safety values peace.

Right now the people that are very much qualified for the situation is crane operators laborers firefighters cops carpenters and even Ironworkers.

The work that was done has to be done reverse people have to take things apart now big dump trucks will be around the site eventually and haul all of the concrete and metal away.

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