Building a Retaining Wall

by Mr.500
(Jersey City New Jersey)

Building a retaining wall is an imaginative way to bridge a change of level between a steep bank and a deck.

Hillside lots present special challenges, but when the problems are overcome with shifts of level, the outdoor area is often more interesting than a level piece of ground. If you have a backyard that consists of a steep slope and a small deck, consider gaining space and creating a planting bed by cutting back the slope and installing a retaining wall. You may have to obtain a building permit to build a retaining wall, although permits are not usually required for walls three foot high or less. However, even without an inspection, you just can't throw this project together. A retaining wall must be strong. The earth behind the wall exerts tremendous pressure, particularly after heavy rain or snow. Plan how you will carry water away from the back of the wall. You can install drains or dig a sloped watershed behind the footing ditch and fill it with gravel after the wall is built. Thanks for reading this page on building a retaining wall.

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