Buying Home Tips

by Mr.500
(Plainfield NJ)

Buying Home Tips for first time home buyers good basic carpentry sense, has given us a certain training in our home improvement shopping habits. When we go shopping for a place to live we know to look for certain things we want: a congenial neighborhood proximity to schools public transportation, parking, freeways shopping. recreational facilities; and we know to look within our own, realistic budgetary range.

While we're looking for what's obvious to us, there are other aspects of a living space we ought to examine as well. Are the doors and windows weatherstripped? Are the various nooks and crannies caulked? Are there storm windows and doors? These are small and simple tasks to accomplish if you're already living somewhere. But moving has enough headaches of its own: why add more? Besides if you're paying for a house you might as well get a complete one: and a house that is not sealed against wind and cold is not truly a complete shelter. Ask about, or look at the insulation in the ceiling,walls, and floors.

More buying home tips are all the exterior surfaces insulated so that a complete envelope surrounds the space you'll occupy? Or are you going to have to spend the first winter weekends laying baits across your attic? What kind of heating system does the house have? That furnace is going to be your responsibility, so perhaps you'd like to examine it now. Has the present owner taken care of it? You can tell a great deal from whether the air filters are clean or in need of replacement. And the ducts: are they insulated? How about the water heater? Will the windows give you good ventilation in the summer? Is there a whole house attic fan?

Outside is the house situated to take maximum advantage of the sun's heat in winter? In addition to good views, do the windows lend themselves to energy efficient heating and cooling? From which direction do the cold winds blow? And from which direction the warm breezes? Do trees. shrubs. vines, and other landscaping features offer protection against the elements? Do the grounds allow for planting such protection? These questions. and the dozens of related ones, should not form the whole basis of your decision to buy or not to buy a particular house. But for many years we Americans have neglected even to ask such questions, and have paid a price in energy for our neglect. Now. in the interests of saving your own time,money,and energy. be sure to take your answers to these questions into consideration. Thanks for reading this page on buying home tips

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