Carpenter Journeyman Trainer

by Dennis Rose
(Bay Area, CA)

I started as a non-union carpenter but quickly saw the advantages of going union. After completing my apprenticeship I worked in the field for about eight years before coming a foreman. I worked as foreman for a couple of years and became a superintendent. Ten years of running Public Works projects, schools, jails, hospitals etc, and I was ready to write a book on running work. I did that and have now taught construction management, health and safety and carpenter skills for fifteen years.

Here is a handy tip if you are using sonotubes to pour circular columns. Before pouring the tube, line the inside with a length of stainless steel piano wire. Hold it in place with tape if necessary. Leave a foot sticking out the bottom and top. After curing wrap your wire around your hammer handle and jerk the wire down through the form. The sonotube will now peel away clean and easy.

Work safe! Good Luck!

Dennis R

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