Carpenter Tools The Belt Sanders Details

by Frank Drebin

The Belt sanders is an excellent tool that every carpenter should have in their in their carpentry tool box or cabinet and workshop here are some details on this great carpenter tool.

The size of the tool may be expressed in terms of belt width or belt width plus length. The physical size, weight, and power of the tool usually increase along with increases in belt size. The 3"x 18" belt-size unit in weighs 6 lbs and is rated at 3.3 amps. The 4" x 213/4" belt-size unit it weighs almost II lbs and is driven by a 9 amp motor that develops 1 V8 horsepower.

Also, notice the difference in grip controls. You might use a one-hand grip for some work with the lighter one, but it's not likely that you would try it with the big fellow. The larger unit is designed so that it can be used in a stationary mode by inverting it and clamping it securely to a bench top.

The majority of belt sanders, especially large ones, are equipped with dust collection systems or designed so one can be added. Even though the systems might do a good job, it is still good practice to use a dust mask for extra protection. Dust collection bags should be emptied frequently since a stuffed one will reduce the efficiency of the tool. Clean the bag whenever you change. from wood sanding 10 motel work. Sparks from metal can cause fires in wood dust.

Belt sander speeds are hoed in surface feet per minute (MTN/S..1th the range starting at about 600sfpm and going up to better than 1500 sfpm. The faster the speed. the faster you can sand, but the speed itself has nothing to do with the quality of the tool or even its capability A coarse-grit belt moving at high speed will remove stock fastest especially when working across the grain.

A fine-grit abrasive can cause burning and can clog quickly when working at a very high speed, but this can be controlled with light feed pressure and taking the time to clean the belt as you work. Any single speed mill bc a compromise when you consider variety of jobs a tool can do, but wise tool-handling provides compensation. Thanks for reading this page on the belt sander more pages from Mr. Sander to come

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