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A carpenter that is doing basic carpentry work.

In this page you will find some easy ways and methods on getting carpenter jobs. There is always a high demand in carpentry work its just a matter of finding it.

For students coming out of high school, now is a great time for you to start looking for some carpenter jobs. I recommend that you do your best to get into the carpenters union here is a few reasons why:

1. Excellent Apprentice Program

2. Benefits

3. Retirement plan

Union Carpenters

Through out the years my views may change because I change J plain and simple. Therefore expect this carpentry content to be updated or changed. Thank You

Majority of my carpentry jobs I have worked on were from the union. The carpenters union is one of the best things that has happen to America. It keeps the stability of income earnings in our society and an honest prevailing wage. Without the carpenters union, carpenters in the U.S.A would be doomed. All carpenters would not make enough money to feed their families. Contractors are always bidding on future jobs the worst-case scenario one will out bid the other until someone finds workers (not carpenter) that will work for pennies on the dollar and that is not how America works. We don’t want to work for 10-12 dollars an hour when some people are doing the same job for double the price that is bad business. If minimum wage is $8.00 you shouldn’t work for $4.20. Prevailing wage is set for a good reason J

As a union carpenter we are taught to work safe give quality work to customers and be productive. It is not easy to juggle all three of these important tasks but it is possible. The carpenters union carefully selects individuals who are willing to fulfill these tasks. When people began to talk bad about the unions in your area be mindful. The unions have been around for a long time and God put them were they are at for a good reason. People are seeking change but they are looking for the wrong type of change.

I am almost 30 years old and I am starting to feel 30 lol. I am realizing that it is important not to take things for granted. Carpenters union was established so that carpenters can make a living doing skilled craftsmanship that takes years to master. Yes years my mom once said “carpentry work looks easy and fun on T.V until you actually try it for yourself.” Once we started doing the project together she found out how hard things really are. Television and real life are truly two different things. Not all carpenter jobs are fun sometimes it can get really hard. It takes endurance to handle some jobs

There are some vocational schools that guide you to the carpenters union let them be your pathway to success. I went Job Corps being that I had my license and my diploma I was in and out of the school within 2 years. What they have at the school is a pre apprentice program where you get hands on training and book work all to get you into the carpenters union like they did me. Requirements to get into the union for New Jersey is a diploma and you have to pass the math test. So if you think you have what it takes you can always take the math test.

Here’s the hook up for anyone looking for carpenter jobs. The trick is getting the word out that you are looking for one. Here is some proven ways that will get you work guaranteed.

Make business cards and pass them out to everyone you know. Post them on bulletin boards give them to strangers ect....

Make up some T-shirts or buy some that acknowledges that you are a carpenter. Do your daily activities someone will notice and may ask for a business card. I found this method real effective for me.

Its all about your connections and ties with people. If you are part of a organization or church talk with people work your niche with them.

You can also make up some fliers with your carpentry business name and number on it put them in people’s mailboxes or on their cars. But check the laws in your neighborhood before you do that.

If you do good work chances are you will get more work through recommendations
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