Carpenters Finish The Longest Bridge In The World

by Baojia Wang

Hi I am from China and I want to tell all of you about the bridge that we built. It is the largest bridge in the world. We have been working on it for a few years and I am happy to say that I had a big part in building that bridge. The bridge is located in China my wife drove me on the bridge for the first time yesterday it was different experience and long ride. I went to sleep while going across the bridge

This project employed hundreds and hundreds of carpenters and construction workers. Many people are able to feed their families because of the amount of work and long hours that it took to get the job done. Many carpenters risk their lives while building this monster bridge. Some people got seriously hurt while other people escaped without a scratch but at the end of the job it was all worth it.

I traveled to the US a few years ago and I saw there was allot of road work being done over there all of the major high ways and city roads were being rebuilt. That is when I realized that the companies that are making asphalt are doing extremely well they must be making a fortune off the roads that is being built

The carpentry work here in china is picking up we have more high-rise buildings that are being built. While other towns are rebuilding there homes and making new homes. I like being a carpenter and I see that the maker of this website likes his job to that is why I decided to write something keep up the good work Jereme and don’t forget about carpentry jobs in china.

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Jul 30, 2015
Good to read NEW
by: David

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Mar 29, 2013
that's amazing
by: bennett

After reading the article about building the largest bridge in China i was amazed that all the man hours and work put into building it that there was few injuries.safty first speed last.

Many more safe projects to come .

Brian b from oshawa Ontario

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