Carpenters Focus On 10 School Constructions $584 Million Dollar Projects In New Jersey

by Bob Giuliani
(West New York,New Jersey,)

There is going to be 584 million dollars invested in the construction of schools in New Jersey. The state has approved 10 schools to undergo carpentry work that is needed. To my understanding the schools were picked in a private meeting and then released to the public yesterday. The public was told that the schools that were chosen, were chosen because they really needed to be fixed up. The conditions of the schools are inhabitable in some cases. And over crowded classes in others.

I am glad to see that Chris Christie and other republicans through out the state of New Jersey care a little bit about the children’s future. It also shows that they care about creating jobs for people that need them. This is a very small step in the right direction, renovating schools and expanding them will help the stability of our kid’s future. It will also create more carpentry jobs, which will help decrease the rise in unemployment. To my understanding Chris Christie stopped these projects the minute he got elected into office.

Investing and innovation is the keys to the future. I hope that America will continue to invest in itself. This is just one of the many ways that we are going to make it. I am a carpenter that lives in New Jersey and I am hoping that I can get a big piece of this action in New Jersey. I want to thank you Jereme Green for giving carpenters a voice and building this website. I see nothing but great things in your future. Keep up the good work.

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