Carpenters For Charlie Sheen

by Brian Doobie
(Los Angeles,California,USA)

I know one of the carpenters that work on the set of two and a half men. Based on what he told Charlie Sheen is a good guy. The carpenter told me that He fought so that they could get paid for four episodes and he is trying to get us paid for eight. From what I heard carpenters and home designers that worked on the set of two and a half men are looking for new jobs. Some of them already have other carpentry jobs and are working on other Hollywood set.

Carpenters play a big roll in everyone lives. We overlook the people who build and design and construct the places that we live in sometimes. It seem what carpenters do is really not important. But the facts are that we all need each other. Without carpenters there would be no building to act or do shows in. And without actors we would not be entertained. One hand washes the other and the beat goes on. I want to say thanks to all of the Hollywood Actors that support the carpenters, electricians, plumbers, ironworkers and laborers.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication into making sure that we have work. I want to also say thanks to Jereme Green for letting carpenters have a voice on your website keep up the good work and great things will follow. Last but not least thank you Charlie Sheen for fighting so that the cast and other people like carpenters can get paid.

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