Carpenters In Cairo Egypt

by Abayomi
(United States)

Hi I am a carpenter in the United States. I wanted to tell you and everyone about a story that I read about a carpenter named Mahmood. He was injured on February 3rd Inside Tahrir Square on Thursday trying to fight off pro Mubrack protesters. It was the seventh time in 24 hours that he needed medical attention. And he said that he would continue to fight for this movement.

It is amazing that all walks of life are trying to stand up for their freedom in Tahrir Square. In Cairo Egypt Carpenters and many other craftsman trades are full of joy because they are happy to speak out for the first time and hold assembly in liberation square.

Many construction workers, carpenters, and all walks of life want a change in Egypt. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

I am a carpenter in the United States and I want to say that everyone gathered in Cairo Square has my support. I support the cause of more democracy in Egypt. I want the people to be able run the country. Carpenters want more carpentry jobs and higher pay that will help strengthen our stability in the economy. I want more unity for carpenters. Because united we stand and divided we fall. I hope that more carpenters will continue to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to let your voice be heard on this website and others. It is time that we stick together overlook our differences and make this world a better place.

Carpentry work is done around the world and it is common for carpenters to get involved in the business of their country because they help build their country.

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