Carpenters In Cowboys Stadium

by Daniel Boone

cowboy’s stadium under constuction

cowboy’s stadium under constuction

Shout out to all the carpenters in cowboy’s stadium that worked last night. My name is Daniel Boone and I had front row seats. When a football game is being played in the cowboy’s stadium there is always a hand full of carpenters that are on stand by. Just in case an emergency event occurred they want us to respond immediately

Last night I was lucky to be one of those carpenters. And I got to tell you the fans are crazy. The fans put holes in the walls. Took tiles out of the bathrooms and 42 nice chairs are missing out of one of the main offices. And we are still counting the damages that went on during the super bowl.

But I don’t mind it, that is job security for me. I will be employed for a while fixing and replacing things in the bathrooms and offices. I saw many celebrities, I had the pleasure to pass my business cards to Conda Lisa Rice and John Travolta, you know I was prepared.

There were many carpenters present during the half time show. That is because of the amount of carpentry work that had to be done. I tip my hard hat off to the carpenters that successfully participated in the half time show for the super bowl.

And to the creator of this carpentry website you are doing great job keep up the good work. And keep on keeping it real I look at the website at least twice a day for updates so keep them coming and remember you reap what you sow.

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