Carpenters In New Zealand After Earthquake

by William Bouton
(Christ Church,New Zealand)

Christ Church New Zealand

Christ Church New Zealand

Carpenters in New Zealand are trying to help clean up Christ Church there are many people that are still looking for loved ones and I am devastated by this disaster I lost my carpentry business I lost my house but I did not loose my life.

We are still recovering from the last earthquake that hit this area last year. I am determined that we will rebuild in Christ Church. There are some people that are giving up hope and are leaving this town. But not me we have been down on the map before. We have to rebuild this place because it is about us, and about rebuilding ourselves.

I did manage to salvage some things from my home but at the end of the day the buildings are buildings. Meaning that they can be replaced but the people, the lives that were lost they cannot be replaced so pray for those people that have lost loved ones.

I will continue to help clean up the rubble from this earthquake and eventually I will be more than happy to rebuild this town. After all of the rescue missions have been accomplished. Some of my family who are carpenters in New Zealand will help the rebuilding efforts of this great town.

Hopefully some of the newer buildings that will be built in place of the old destroyed ones will be made stronger and they will be designed to withstand earthquakes. I want to thank the rescuers for being very brave and being the heroes in this tough time that we are having. The most up lifting news that I have heard is there is a 150 year old time capsule that was found in the John Robert Godley statue hopefully it is a message from God.

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Sep 03, 2015
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May 08, 2011
carpenters in earthquake area
by: Anonymous

I live in Australia in Bundaberg. Did my apprenciship in Hamilton and finished in Orewa.
Traveled a lot and have a family. I am fully aexperienced and if could find accommodation and
work would be only too happy to return to my old
country and do carpentry work. However like all
trades today it is word of mouth and then followed
up by internet and paper. Onlu 20% that apply to work in the paper get jobs. So it leaves a lot of
good experienced tradies like myself out in the cold.
So I am putting this in and if anyone is interested in a New Zealander returning to N.Z.
with serious job opertunites for a carpenter and
builder. please email me on
the missus email or phone me on 0431541547 mobil.
mother lives in Wellington. Let me help my country and you help me to get work and support
my family.

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